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Social Activities & Trips

March 2023

We had a great well attended lunch for members and their partners at the Carpenter's Arms in Bransgore

April 2023

NMSB gave us a tour of their Caird Avenue "Wash Facility" where they take "Dug Gravel" extracted from Downton Quarry and then it is washed and graded into 8 different saleable products.  They then process the silt into a cake and recycle the water for washing the next load of Dug Gravel.  On a different day, they would be using the same process to recycle inert materials that would otherwise end up in Landfill.

June 2023 

Chris Davies, a former Captain in the Royal Marines and local resident provide an interesting insight into vital support the that Royal Marines provided during the Falklands War. 


At the end of June, more than 30 Members and their partners enjoyed a Fish & Chip lunchtime cruise from Southampton up and down the River Hamble

August 2023

Even though the weather, wasn't warm and sunny, our 4th Annual BBQ was well attended by members and their partners.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and it seems I missed most of the "naughty table" from the photo. 😂

October 2023

We held our first race night including a Fish and Chip Supper and from listening to those that attended, we will be doing it again next year.

December 2023

December saw the 4th Annual Christmas Do, Unfortunately, this year it took 3 attempts at getting a venue, but in the end it was a great evening for everyone that attended.  A big bonus was th

Community & Shed Projects

April 2023

The weather was great and there were large crowds at this year's New Milton Easter Extravaganza. We had lots of interest and sold lots of items made by our members

May 2023

When House Martins were identified at NMSB's  Downton Quarry during a bird survey a local conservationist Bob Lord suggested to NMSB that we construct a bespoke House Martin Tower. 

July 2023

Harry, Arthur and Terry attended the 2023 memorial parade on Monday 10th July in memory of the Indian Forces stationed at Barton and surrounding areas during WW1, adding a wreath to the collection at the base of the memorial. 

September 2023

We had been asked to construct a fold up board, styled on the popular TV game "Play your Cards Right" for the Milford Girl Guides Group, who will use it for charity events and their own pleasure.

November 2023

It was a lovely, bright but chilly morning for the Lions Christmas Fayre and we were up and ready.  This was our best ever event for selling items and we also spoke to lots of people about the Men Shed

May 2023

Work began on the New Milton Community Garden project at Fawcett Fields. This is another local community project that we are involved in and Jonathan Evans was there to help dig the boundary lines 

June 2023

Another project completed and installed at Hill House School, Boldre.  This is a bespoke Guinea Pig run that will enable youngsters with special needs to interact with Guinea Pigs safely and to make it easy and safe for staff to reposition the run single handedly within the life science area of Hill House School.

August 2023

Probably the biggest project that we have taken on, but Tiptoe Primary School's play train had fallen into disrepair, so the train was dismantled and rebuilt by our members. It was later painted by another group apart from the engine face, which was done by our Alan

November 2023

Once again we participated in the Annual Remembrance Ceremony  

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