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2022 - 2024 Building a 'Shed'

February 2022

The planning application for new 'Shed' was approved by NFDC.

This was only achieved after a lot of hard work by the 'Shed' Management  Committee especially Adrian, Danny and John 

Click Here to see the
online application

August 2022

First activity on the new building, where a group of our members were asked to dig a test hole to make sure that the Structural Engineer was happy with the ground that the 'Shed' will be built on.  

January 2023

11 months after receiving planning permission for our new 'Shed', Adrian Duckett (Chairman) and John Healey (Treasurer) sign a 21 year lease for the site in Fawcetts Field so that we can build our new 'Shed'.

Adrian & John Lease Signed.jpeg
February 2023

With the lease now signed is it was full steam ahead to get the site ready for the concrete base 

At the end of Feb, our 100sq metre concrete base was laid

April 2023

At the end of April, the 'Shed' was erected 

May 2023

With the 'Shed' erected, it was time for a quick celebration and Topping Out Ceremony. Now the discussions focused on the fit out and whether to build the internal rooms with either block work or stud work.  

June 2023

The plan was to connect the Electric,  Water and Pumped Waste to the Mains Services.  The electricity meter, was connected at the end of June so we now had power to run hand tools to build and fit out the interior of the 'Shed'. 
Unfortunately, the Water Main was much deeper than expected and we weren't able to connect it for another 6 months.

July 2023

During July our local Jewson's offered us some timber that they were unable to sell due to damage or being a "bit warped" (some of it would have been good for a scenic railway).  However there was enough good timber to build our internal rooms from stud work

August 2023

With all the timber from Jewson's sorted, it was time to start building the Accessible Toilet, Kitchen and Meeting Room.

September 2023

With the basic shell of the interior room erected, it was time to start the 1st fix for the plumbing and electrical installation 

October 2023

During October we saw the rooms coming together and the first coats of paint applied

November 2023

November was a busy month, with all the rooms painted, doors hung, first fix of the pumping was pressure tested and the second fix of the electrics was completed, so we now had light and power in all the rooms as well as the pump for the waste system connected.    

December 2023

The first week in December, saw the area around the 'Shed' fenced off and with help and support from NMSB, we were able to dig down to find the "lost" water main that fed Fawcetts Field.

Plan A was to dig a slit trench near the 'Shed' as dowsing had indicated that was where the water was, but we couldn't find it.

Plan B involved digging down near the main road where we knew the water main existed and then dig a 50m trench across the car park to the 'Shed'.  We then had problems getting the connector to connect our supply to the water main, and so the trench filled with rain water and an extremely high water table.

With the water main found and our pipe installed, we then got on with installing the rain water gullies and the main soakaway.  The water table had already started to fill the 2m depth trench before we had finished installing the industrial soakaway crates.  

The final job to be done in December, was to get the sump pump for our foul waste properly installed as there was an isolator missing. Marsh Industries the manufacturer sent an engineer to sort it out. Luckily it hasn't had any waste in there so far.   

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