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Working for each other

New Milton Men's Shed is an informal group of men (women are also welcome) who get together to talk/discuss any topic under the sun and occasionally get involved in some physical activity for the benefit of others for example a local charity or maybe a member of the group

Our Men’s Shed exists to provide a safe and friendly environment, for people to come together and to provide a contact point for like minded people to meet and socialise

Members share skills, knowledge and experience, to enrich each other’s lives, by undertaking practical projects and using their "Shed" as a social hub. Activities of the "Shed" are driven by the aims and interests of its membership, to benefit themselves, and the wider community 

Who Are We?

Our Current Planned
Events & Activities Calendar
 What's Happening At Our
Men's Shed

Welcome to our latest Newsletter

Welcome to our latest Newsletter containing the latest news on what we have been up to over the last 3 months and what we currently have planned for Winter 2024.

Remember - This is your Newsletter, so please let us know if there is anything else you would like to be included in future editions.

To Print the Newsletter or to view a full size version click on the "Pop Out" icon in the top right hand corner

Fundraising and Supporters


easyfundraising provides a useful way for Shed supporters to help with our fundraising.


It doesn't cost supporters to use and a percentage of your online purchases is donated to our Shed in the form of a quarterly payment directly to our bank.

Best of all it is easily done from the comfort of your home just by shopping online shopping. Currently there are over 6000 retailers, including major brands like Amazon, John Lewis & Sainsbury's and they will all donate to our shed when you shop with them through easyfundraising.


Register here 

Donate Money Directly to our Men's Shed

We have now signed up with Paypal so that you can donate directly to our Men Shed and also add Gift Aid to the donation. 

We have chosen to use PayPal as there are no transaction fees when you donate to our PayPal Giving Fund through the link below, PayPal will send us 100% of your donation and any eligible Gift Aid.

You can either click the button below or scan the QR code

Since our ‘Shed’ was formed in 2018, we have been fundraising to build our own purpose built workshop, which will hopefully be used for many years to come.

During this time, we have had small and large donations from individuals and small local businesses and also larger donations from Hampshire County Council and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Fund all of which have been gratefully received.

In addition, we have made items to sell at the local Christmas/Easter and Jubilee events as well as organising and selling at car boot sales.  


There are 2 additional methods of Fundraising where you can help us to reach our goal:-



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