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The latest quiz sheet is shown below together with the answers to last weeks quiz. As before no prizes, just the satisfaction of being a 'clever boy' if you get them all right! The answers will be published in a weeks time.

Any questions/queries regarding the quiz you can put to Danny or Martin via the Shed's Forum or the Contact Page of the web site.

With the easing of lockdown, scheduled to start on 12 April with a gradual return to 'normality', quiz No 29 (below) will be the last for the time being. Thanks are due to 'Quiz Masters' Danny and Martin for their time and effort in compiling the quizzes.

The weekly quizzes have now ended. The answers to quiz 29 - 9 April 2021 are shown below.

New Milton Men’s Shed Quiz

Fun Quiz Number 29 - 9 April 2021


  1. Bell Ringer

  2. The Sir Thomas Bodleian Library.

  3. Bern

  4. Autographs

  5. Gramophone Records

  6. 102 miles. Starts in Ilfracombe and ends in Plymouth

  7. Mariah Carey

  8. Casandra

  9. Wendy Craig

  10. Shirly Bassey

  11. Capybara – found in South America

  12. Chocolate Poisoning

  13. The Factory

  14. John Major

  15. Italy

  16. Abba

  17. Birds

  18. French Waiter

  19. Madness

  20. Lionesses

You can download a file and print off this answer sheet sheet by clicking here.