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Jan 23, 2021
In What are you building
As some will already know, I'm a member of the Christchurch & District Model Flying Club and like to build a model over the winter when the opportunities to get out flying are somewhat limited. Of course, in recent times, it's not only the weather that has cramped our style, so there's been more building time available than usual. As a result, this Winter's project was complete by the New Year but, in order to kick off this section of the forum, I thought I'd provide a few details. The model is called an Andrews Aeromaster. The design dates from the 1960s and the plans are available on the internet. Of course, quite a bit has changed over the intervening years - radio equipment is much smaller, lighter, cheaper and reliable. And, whilst the internal combustion engines are still used, I use electric propulsion - amongst other things, the absence of oil and smell means that my modelling activities can take place in the house rather than being banished to a cold damp shed. I write up these building projects on my website which is at so you can read more detail there. However, the following pictures hopefully give an idea of the process involved. The main building material is still balsa wood. I'd be very happy to try to answer any questions on the techniques involved. Trevor Hewson
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