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Terence Antell (Terry)
Sep 03, 2021
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I’ll explain. As many of you know I use a disability vehicle (scooter.) My one is called a Tramper and is made just outside Salisbury. The type is known for its ability to traverse over rough ground and through water up to 12” deep. The land rover of disability scooters. Mine is housed in a shed that is insulated all round and carpeted, too! The Tramper is 28” wide and the shed door 30.” There is a step to enter the shed and since I’ve had the scooter (3 years) I’ve had to force it up the step. This means it suddenly goes in and shoots forward. Scary at times. Alan Bishop, a shed member, heard about my predicament and called to see me. He measured the sizes required and returned 50 minutes later with it completely made. It fitted the entrance perfectly. He then said he’d take it home again and paint it. Not just any old paint either. He used brown Decking Stain that is anti-slip. It is a pleasure to drive in and out now. Please see the photos that the editor has used. A BIG thank you to Alan. I have put a cash donation in the Shed box. By the way, Alan used all his own materials.
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Terence Antell (Terry)

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