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This is a place where members can submit details of any project (past or present) that they think will be of interest to fellow members, and access the Shed Forum to get information or ask/answer questions. 'Project' in this instance can cover virtually anything e.g. DIY jobs, kids toys, garden project, workshop jobs, motor/motor cycle projects etc.. Anything goes as long as it's interesting.

Members wishing to post 'stuff' on this page please get in touch with me - Clive Lawrence - via the contact page on this web site. A couple or so pictures and some narrative (construction details or interesting/amusing story etc.) is what's required so what are you waiting for!! Sorry no £250 like 'You've been Framed'!

Not had much response about this page. Is anyone looking at it? Let me know.

Better still let me have the details of your 'stuff'!  Clive L

  The idea was suggested by Adrian Duckett at a recent 'on-line chat'.



Tramp the Wight (again) - Terry Antell

My trip around the Isle of Wight, June 2020, was postponed. It was moved forward one year to June 2021.

On 12th June my son & I shall be boarding a Wight Link ferry from Lymington to Yarmouth. From there we will be travelling to Godshill on the Island.

My aim is to circumnavigate coastal C class roads around the Island. Last year I spent much time investigating my way around using my computer and satellites to locate field gates, etc. Why you may ask? My Tramper All terrain disability vehicle only travels at 8mph and I know how frustrating that can be to other road users should they encounter me. I’ll pull over to allow traffic to clear. Again, I shall be notifying the Island police along with the Island Council.

My son is the able bodied person who will be relatively close by should I have a problem. I need to complete 20 miles per day. My battery can give 60 miles duration on level roads. The Island doesn’t have level roads!! My Tramper can navigate 1 in 4 inclines including side on, (not pleasant, believe me!)

I have from Sunday to Friday to complete the task. Each day my son will drive my car with my Tramper trailer attached to collect me after I’ve completed the mileage.

This hasn’t been completed before so it’s my challenge. I’m looking for sponsorship in the form of Just Giving. ALL monies will go directly to Oakhaven Hospice Trust.

Please pay anything you can afford to support Oakhaven.

Go to JustGiving.com look for Terence’s Tramp the Wight. Alternatively, send a cheque to Oakhaven Hospice, Lower Pennington Lane, Lymington. S041 8ZZ. Write on rear Tramp the Wight.

I'm doing this in memory of my late, and much loved wife, Jean Mary Antell. R.I.P.



and on trailer.

Welcome to a new contribution, this time, from Arthur Clements.

Wall mounted desk – Arthur Clements

Grand-children have long had the knack of twisting grand-parents around their little finger, great-grand-children even more so. Arthur then had no chance when, Hayley mum of great-grand-daughter Layla, asked for help with the making of a wall mounted desk for Layla. The specification was detailed by Layla and a after a few sleepless nights spent working out the detailed design, followed by a trip to B & Q to get the necessary materials, the job was underway. A couple of weeks later the job was done as can be seen in the adjoining photos.

Result – Happy and proud great-grand-daughter Layla, and great-grand-dad Arthur full of satisfaction of a job very well done!

Good one Arthur.


Ellie the Elephant - Clive Lawrence

When my first daughters was a toddler proud Dad that I was made her a wooden 'rocking horse'.

Daughter number 2 came along and proud Dad got to work and made her a wooden 'rocking duck'. Daughter number three gave rise to 'Ellie the Rocking Elephant (pictured here having just received a modest refurb). Thankfully after that the stork must have lost our address so Ellie was last in the line. Little did I know at that time that the 'rockers' would be put in store for future use by our grand children and they are now in store again awaiting the great grand children.

The first rocking toy (the horse) was based on a design published in the 'Woodworker' magazine. The subsequent duck and elephant were adapted from that design.